Sunday, May 17, 2015

Rainbow Hop

Love Knows No Bounds

There’s a reason why my author tagline is Love Knows No Bounds. While society has seen tremendous changes over the last 10 years, we still have a ways to go.

In my writing, I don’t necessarily start out to write a M/M or a F/F, or even a ménage. Often, I let the characters talk to me. Who are they looking for? Who is their love? From a marketing standpoint, I’ve been told it can cause difficulties. Readers don’t know what to expect from me. I don’t just write straight M/F or gay romance.  

My argument? Readers can expect a good love story. That is my primary focus – showing how two (or sometimes more) find their mate in this great big world we have. And often it includes some very hot sex.

Anyway, when I was in high school, only a couple – of a boy and a girl – was allowed to attend the prom. It’s definitely not 100%, but I love seeing same-sex couples given the option to attend or even singles.

Hopefully events such as this one, and continued awareness will bring further change: I see it even within my own daughters. Many from the next generation bend the sides of that box, and are breaking out.

Stay strong and push forward.

Be who you want to be
Date who you want to date
Love who you want to love

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Louisa Bacio


  1. I think the biggest change I've seen is within my own children. Through their ever changing questions. How I hear them education kids their own age about equal rights, and loving the person on the inside.

    diversereader (at) yahoo (dot) com

    1. That's fantastic to hear. Thanks for stopping by Diverse Reader!

  2. Hi. First I think this is a great thing you all are doing. I guess the biggest change that I see is religiously. I the ignorance that has been taught in the past are being debunked as more of the LGBT community shows the world they are human. The more they and those people who truely support them insist on equlity, I think slowly but surely it will come to pass.

    1. Well, and when it comes to religion, the more people who are out publicly and who are still part of religious groups, will show that it encompasses all kinds of people.

      Thanks for visiting.

  3. Thank you for your post and participating in this blog hop. I have seen the LGB portion of the community get more positive media representation over time. I am working to get the same for transgender people as well.

  4. Well over the past 10 years I've definitely seen more change with people finally opening up and not afraid to be who they are. I love them for there strength and for not backing down from hatred. I've seen it in my own family as well. When it comes to your own door no matter what you may have thought before that it brings acceptance it opens you up and gives you freedom as well as many possibilities to come :)

  5. Oh sorry my email is xoxo

  6. Thanks for your post.

    I think the biggest change has yet to come or at least i hope it has still to come.

    There are some good changes like same sex couples can get married and can adopt children etc. etc. but this sadly isn't the case in all country's and we have to keep spreading the word so this will happen :) there is still to much discrimination and the best way to keep fighting that is education.


  7. I have seen good and bad changes, but what really worries me that some US states are travelling back in time.

  8. I think there have been a lot more change and accepting attitudes since the new millennium.We have a black president, marriage is legalized in several states and a few countries. People just seems a bit more open minded.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  9. I've seen change via more encouragement to express your sexuality as a female. I've seen once homophobic girls come out as bisexual recenty. Heck, i've even slept with them. :)

    Other changes:
    Gay marriage in my state
    Pride parades getting more sponsorship from local businesses

    very excited to see what the future holds!

    iadoreyouu at gmail dot com

  10. Prom! *groans* Not to mention the ostentatious display of wealth...

    A lot of authors separate their work into pen names for various pairings. I can see why, but it's also nice to see an author try a little of everything.

    Plus, we know you like big spoons.

  11. people have been more accepting

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  12. I've seen some change. I grew up in a small town where no one would every come out. These days the kids are out and proud.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com