Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Eat Your Words!

Mmmmm. Sweet! Sugarcane paper?

Many writers share the same guilty pleasure: Office supplies! If you ever attend a writing conference, watch out for the writer's spread, which includes notebooks and an abundance of different-colored pens. Not to forget the laptop or tablet with keyboard, too.

You never know when inspiration might strike. Recently, I went to Staples to buy some notebooks for my daughter in middle school. Once, too often, we made a morning trip because she "forgot" she needed a new spiral. Me? I like to stock up and have a few extra on hand ... you know, for when they're needed.

Of course, while I was at the office supply heaven, temptation abounded. I had to get a few things for myself. Upon perusing the journals, I found this tasty treat? Sustainable paper made from sugarcane? Who knew?

It puts a whole new twist on the cliche Eat Your Words. Alas, I didn't like the bland cover or rough paper so for now I'll have to keep using my NaNo notebook. It'll only last so long ...

Tell me: I'm not alone, right? Do you have a fav. office supply goody? Do you need a new pen/notebook for each project or conference?

Until next time,

Louisa Bacio

P.S. -- No notebooks were eaten during the writing of this blog. 

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