Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Not this year

Maui: First major family vacation in June.

I won’t be at RWA Nationals in San Antonio. When looking at the conference schedule for 2014, especially the travel-packed summer, I chose to stay home this year. With two busy daughters, ages 7 & 11, and the oldest getting ready to start junior high, it felt right.

Now as I’m watching all the social media posts checking into Texas, and being asked when I get in, I’m missing the camaraderie and career connections. And yet, I don’t have that pit in my stomach that I’m missing something important at home. It’s a good feeling.

The past four years, it’s been almost back-to-back with RT in May, RWA in July and Authors After Dark (AAD) in August. Often between those three, I squeeze in end-of-the-year school activities in June and family vacations. Plus, the past three years there is the Entangled Publishing Conference, usually between RWA and AAD.

While I’m gone, my girls are well cared for by my husband, my parents and other family and friends who all give their time. My brother-in-law even took my youngest for a mani-pedi one year, and then a trip to the Barbie store. Still, when I return … their hair is a bit more matted (doesn’t anyone ever use a brush when I’m gone?), and the guilt sets in.

Last night, rather than frantically packing for RWA Nationals, I lay in bed with my 7-year-old watching the LEGO movie. We laughed, we danced, we sang “Everything is awesome!” It was a magical moment – one to cherish, and I’m hoping to recreate it again this evening.

What does this mean in the long-term? I don’t think there’s a long-term message. In two weeks, I head to Charlotte, NC, for AAD where I’m a sponsor of two major events, and I’m very much looking forward to that time away.

Next year, RWA Nationals drops in New York, and there’s no way I’m missing that one, and the year after it returns to San Diego, California! Here’s a (partial) look at some upcoming workshops and conferences:

In the beginning of 2015, check out some of the smaller, local conferences such as the 50 Shades of Romance in Seattle – opening weekend of the 50 Shades of Grey movie, and the Austin Author Affair in May.

For now, I’ll be social-media stalking those at RWA Nationals, and hoping for some live-Tweeting during the RITAs! And, maybe, sneaking in an ice cream cone on the beach, while digging our feet in the sand, with my daughters.

Until next time,

Louisa Bacio


  1. I'm starting to think we'll never meet. You come to Texas and I'm stuck at work.. I unexpectedly wiggle free from the office during RWA and find out you're not coming.

    1. Bummer! It's the #1 thing I'm going to miss -- is friends. Austin Affair next year?