Sunday, December 23, 2012

5 Bah-Humbugs of the Season

Can I spread a little bit of “blah” all over your humbug? I promise, I actually enjoy the season, but sometimes all the fa-la-la-ing gets in my nerves. What irks the nerves the most?

5) People who start shopping in June and rub it in – “Have you started Christmas shopping yet?” they ask smugly? Umm, no. And, if I did, and hid the gift, then I probably wouldn’t find it until March.

4) Stores that stock the shelves before Halloween – My favorite holiday is Halloween. Dressing up, the festivals, Disneyland in SoCal. This year, we dressed on at least four occasions, not including the night of trick-or-treating itself. When the red and greens starts bleeding into the orange and black, something’s wrong!

3) Holiday cards on Dec. 1 – Yes, I know, it’s the season. And, if you send yours out right away, that means you’ll get even more back. (Maybe that’s why our stash is dwindling.) I mean well every year. I buy my cards, and bring them with me during our Thanksgiving weekend at the in-law’s mountain cabin but they never seem to finish themselves.

2) Forced Cheer – Notice that some people get nicer closer to the holidays? It’s about the same time those little tip envelopes start showing up in the mailbox, in the newspaper. You know, they have all year but they better make it shine now. (BTW – we always tip.)

1) Perfectly Wrapped Presents, & The Watchful Eye – At one point, I had more time to fold and crease the metallic paper. Now I have young children who’d like to help wrap, and less time to do it in. The good news is they’re getting old enough to do it themselves! The watchful eye comes from my mom – who I love immensely, especially if she’s reading this list – who watches to make sure the person appreciates every ribbon and curl, and then often takes them back for the following year! Bonus: Dog hair stuck to the tape. Oh, now that’s a joy!

I’m happy to report that as of Sunday, Dec. 23, all my presents are purchased, but not wrapped, and today we’ll be baking cookies. It’s just about time to get this holiday on!

Until next time,

Louisa Bacio

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