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"My Cougar Journey" with Morgan K. Wyatt

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I am a historical romance writer, not an erotic romance writer, and I have a half dozen unpublished books to prove it. When I saw the submission call from Secret Cravings, I read it, and considered it. The email came through one of my writing groups. It wanted stories about women in relationships with younger men. There is new phenomenon out there called cougars, where the older female pursues the younger guy.

Well, I thought I’d give it a try even though it was way out of the ball park as far as historical goes. The prompt for submission told me the hotter the book the better. Whoa, an entirely different angle for me. I have friends who write some pretty hot stuff, even with three ways, but not me. I am the type of person who did the fade to black. My couple who did the deed would wake the next morning to birds chirping that’s the only clue you’d have that they spent the night together.

The concept of writing about older women dating younger men wasn’t a hard one for me since I’ve spent a few years in the dating world. I chose not to write about the aggressive man eater who chases down her prey with a promise and a wicked smile in her BMW convertible. Nope, my characters were pretty normal as opposed to the obvious stereotype.

Ashlee, my heroine in RELUCTANT COUGAR, is surprised that a younger man would approach her, so much so that she brushes aside his advances. Men are willing to go out with anyone who strikes their fancy. They don’t ask a woman’s age or what she does before contemplating asking her out. This is a hard concept for both Ashlee and me. I even asked several men about it to confirm this. Yes, they’d go out with women older than then, but; they didn’t want women that acted older. Men who choose to date older women want vibrant, interesting women. Read: men don’t want to date a different version of their mother.

I wrote my first erotic romance putting in all the fears I had about dating younger men.  Ashlee questions what she is doing, until she starts to fall for Nick. I didn’t go with the obvious cougar type, but allowed the relationship to develop on its own just like any other relationship.

Reluctant Cougar was an interesting writing change for me. I have two more cougars novels published by Secret Cravings including CUB IN BLUE and PUPPY LOVE, and two more in the works. The experience has been fun because it has stretched me as a writer. At first, I rejected the idea of the cougar romance because I only saw it from the television angle. I chose to write it from a normal woman angle, someone like me. I dated younger guys before, not because I ran them down, but because they asked me out. In fact, I am marrying a younger man in less than two months. So I would have to say I definitely embrace the image, or at least my version of it. 


The very last thing Ashlee expected was to meet a hot, younger guy Nick, at her boyfriend’s funeral. The tall, soft-spoken man comforted her with stories of her boyfriend since he studied under him. Grateful for Nick’s help and the shared connection they both shared with the deceased, they kept in contact.

Ashlee managed to ignore his hints for drinks and meetings putting it down to politeness. He felt sorry for her. There was no way he could be interested in a woman at least a decade older than him. That was until her work posse caught scent of the story and urged her to give the
man a chance. Ashlee knew she had to be the most reluctant cougar in the history of womankind, but what did she have to lose?

Available through Secret Cravings Publishing

About the Author

Morgan as a child had to suffer through movies with clueless heroines rescued by smart men. Her mother dutifully read her stories where princesses waited for princes to jumpstart their lives. There were no proactive female role models in the media at that time, with the exception of Wonder Woman. It is for this reason, and that it is fun, Morgan writes about strong women going after what they want, which is often a delectable cub. Those who wonder if the cougar tales have any reality to them should remember that writers often put themselves into every story they pen, even if it is a secondary character.


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    1. Hi Liz,
      Thanks my early, early bird friend.

  2. Morgan, congrats on your upcoming marriage! Glad you have upcoming and planned books for the cougar series...well written cougar books are hard to come by!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

    1. Hi Books4me,

      Thanks for your interest in my books. Signed a new contract today for Blind Date for SCP. See you left your email address sounds like a winner to me.There will be more than one winner today.:)

  3. Hi Morgan! Hi Louisa--this blog is absolutely GORGEOUS!

    I have been lucky enough to not only know Morgan through an online writer's group (whoop, FTHRW!!), but I also had the chance to meet her in person at RWA's annual conference last summer. Morgan is kind, down to earth, and full of southern charm. I am thrilled to support her books (I started The Reluctant Cougar last night, Yay!), and know she will be a life-long successful writer.

    Did I mention she's nice? lol

    So happy for you Morgan!! :)

    1. Hi Misty,
      You are a wonderful support to fellow writers. Thanks for all you do...and it's a lot. So glad I met you in NYC. Keep reading because now I have three more books for you to read...and another I hope to finish before the wedding. I am not taking the laptop on the honeymoon. SHOCKER, well it was for my sweetie.

  4. Great blog, Morgan, and congratulations on your upcoming marriage. I love the title RELUCTANT COUGAR and wish you continuing success!

  5. Hi Sheila,
    Thanks for your good wishes. SCP lets me come with my own titles. So love 'em or hate' em they're all mine.

  6. This is right up my alley. I love romance and I am married to a man who is 11years younger. I can't wait to read this. Great job.

  7. Wow, Morgan -- Congratulations on the upcoming wedding! Sounds like fodder for many more novels. Think: Marrying the Cougar, and a whole series!

    Thanks for stopping by today. And I hope someone goes home with one of those cute-sounding baskets! Good luck.

  8. Thanks so much for your kind comment Misty! I've been working on it -- so very much appreciate it!

    Ebony -- 11 years younger! I had no idea! You go!

  9. Morgan -- All your comments should be showing now! I don't have moderation on, but I think you did so many at once, it kicked them into spam. Sorry about that!

  10. Hi Ebony Dreams,

    I think the saying you are only as old as you feel pretty much sums it up. I have a friends whose husband is 22 years younger than her. He had to beg her to go out with him.:) Thanks for commenting.

  11. Hi Louisa,

    I have more than one basket, so leave email addresses if interested. I also have ebooks. Thanks for hosting me. As Misty mentioned, it is a fabulous site.

  12. Oh my gosh Morgan! Look at all you have going on! What a journey, personally and professionally. I don't suppose you'll be at RWA this year in Anaheim??? Would be fabulous to meet you. You are an inspiration and I am celebrating with you. Congrats.

    karensromance (@) gmail (dot) com

  13. Hi Karen,
    I won't be there this year due to my wedding, moving into a new house, moving my daughter to a new city, moving his son to college, my son's wedding and starting a new job,plus a new business(jewelry) but next year maybe. I'll look forward to it. I see your email too I'll be in contact.

  14. I can't wait to read this! Love the blurb. This year sounds like it's going to be a tad bit busy for you. You have a lot to squeeze in! LOL! Congrats on your upcoming wedding and all your success!

  15. Hi Noelle Alexander,

    What a beautiful name. You could write Regencies or Period Erotic Romances. Last year has been good with Secret Cravings and my sweetie, but I bet this year will be even better. Thanks for commenting.

  16. The winners of this contest were: Karen Cote ( wins the eBook and books4me ( wins the gift basket.

    Morgan should be contacting you directly. Thank you to everyone for stopping by, and taking part!