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INTERVIEW with Nancy Lennea, author of LOVE TO THE RESCUE

We've got a special treat today. Author Nancy Lennea takes a few moments to give insight into her process and varied background, plus offers up a unique contest of a emergency kit!

Louisa asked me to answer a few questions about myself, and my latest release, LOVE TO THE RESCUE. Thank you for having me here today.

Louisa- It's a pleasure. First, let's talk about you a little. Do you have people in your life supporting you as a writer?

Nancy- Do you mean monetarily? (laughs) My husband continues to work ‘out in the real world’ so I can write fulltime. My family members are great supporters. My mother, a grammar and spelling whiz, is one of several people who edit all my books. So far, no one in the family is embarrassed that I write ‘romance’.

Nancy (right) transferring snowmobile
  accident victim to helicopter.
Louisa- Give us a random fact or two about yourself, something that might surprise your readers.
Nancy- Are you sure you want to know? Well, I should keep a FEW secrets, but I am proud that I have volunteered to help others for many, many years. From hospital candy striper, to Girl Scout, to Cub Scout Leader, to EMT and firefighter, I feel that even though I have never been wealthy, moneywise, I give of my time. Time is a commodity valuable to those in need. In addition, it feels good!

Louisa- Do you have a writing mentor? Do you mentor anyone?
Nancy- My writing really took off after I moved to North Carolina (from New Hampshire) about 4 years ago and joined the local chapter of Romance Writers of America. I have never seen so many New York Times best sellers in one room! I listened and learned. Once published, I started to pay-it-forward. I am stepping down next month as Vice President of my local chapter, but I will fill my time elsewhere, helping another writing group.

Louisa- I totally understand about the supportive network of a local RWA chapter. I get that with OCC/RWA. What do you want your readers to feel when they read your books?
Nancy- I feel that a complex relationship, maybe a few secrets, an insurmountable, obstacle, and a few laughs makes for a good story. I believe I accomplished that in both DESTINY’S MOUNTAIN and the continuing mountain sage from Red Rose Publishing, LOVE TO THE RESCUE.

Louisa- Is there anything unusual about your writing habits?
Nancy- Yes. I cannot believe I can be creative surrounded by chaos! There are papers strew everywhere, binders, three computers, and a cat that knocks everything to the floor. Yes, I keep very busy. Once a book is ‘finished’, off it goes to people I trust to edit it. I want it polished until it shines. Once I send a completed manuscript off to an agent or editor, I start the next book. Currently, I have two completed manuscripts out, and am nearly finished with a novella I will self-publish, and I have a series already started. Keeping everything straight is a job and a half.

Louisa- Wow. That definitely sounds like a handful. With everything you have going, and the holidays, thanks for being here today.
Nancy- My pleasure! Now, back to writing.


The clashing relationship between tomboy Josie Miller and fellow paramedic-firefighter, Pete Thayer, escalates after he realizes Joe is not just one-of-the-boys. Pete has a sketchy history and has earned a reputation for one-night stands in the small town of Parmenter, New Hampshire nestled between the Mercy River, the mountains, and the state college. Since he arrived a year ago, Josie suspects he is hiding something. Something too horrible to share, even with her. Working side by side, Joe loves her job, and Pete.

They respond to accident calls, medical emergencies, and fast-moving forest fires amid sparks of another kind. Joe’s clumsiness and baggy uniform work against her when she yearns to be the kind of woman Pete wants like the pretty blonde they must rescue after her car hits a moose.

Outside influences come to play when the sister of Pete’s alleged victim shows up and accuses him of something even worse…her sister’s recent death. Once on track to be a doctor, the sister’s betrayal and lies caused Pete to run far away and keep women at a distance unless they agreed to share his bed…and nothing more.

Pete plans to skip town while Josie worries she has given her heart to a monster. His boss and the local police back off and he professes his innocence to Joe. After kissing her senseless, she lets him into her bed until her bothers intervene. Both keep an eye on Pete. A suicide note, some well-landed fists, stolen moments of love, and a desire to listen to their hearts lead these two heroes toward a climax filled with tension, pain, bloodshed, and atonement.


“Anything that woman has to say is full of spite and lies. I don’t want to hear a word!” he yelled. His entire body shook with anger. Fear, evident in her too–pale face, made him pause. Pete turned away from her scrutiny and paced. The camper’s size hampered his movements, adding to his growing agitation. He stopped in front of her, lifted her to her feet, and held her close. He had planned to shake some sense into her when he noticed her face flushed a pretty pink and her body trembled under his touch. From lust, not fright.
What the hell?
Her scent, intoxicating as fresh–cut flowers in spring, filled his nostrils and made his head spin with the sudden sweetness. The pale skin of her neck beckoned him, the pulse just beneath the surface beating fast and strong. Her lips parted in response to his gaze. With an urge so strong his knees weakened, he kissed the gentle slope below her chin then slid up and captured both lips.
The kiss deepened, spurred on by a force screaming at him to take everything. She tasted sweet and spicy, of sugar and bitter coffee. He sucked her tongue and groaned with the pleasure of her particular taste. This isn’t right.
Some mysterious voice screamed in his head, but he ignored the warning. His hands roamed to her back before sliding lower. Each fingertip tingled with intense pleasure. Lower, still, his hands cupped her strong buttocks. One hand slid up to nestle against the nape of her neck. Her body squirmed, moving in increasing velocity to connect with his stomach, thighs, and groin.
“Easy, sweetheart, or this will be over before it’s begun.” Locked in his embrace, she kissed him in response. Agony, like a punch to the gut, made him realize whom he kissed.
He responded as if slapped.
Breaking the kiss, he backed away and gulped air. Oppressive heat surrounded them. His sweat–soaked shirt clung to his back and his shorts had grown painfully tight. Tepid air weighed heavy in his parched lungs.
Joe sucked in air and stood transfixed. Her eyes widened.
Both fists lay against his sides, clenched as tightly as his jaw. “That should never have happened.”
“Are you mad at me?”
“I am not mad at you, Joe. Do your lovers kiss you to show their anger?”
“Unfair question. Are you upset I’m friends with Sherri Barrington?”
Speechless at her repeated referrals to the Barrington girl, he glared at her. Slow as molten steel, he forced his gaze to drift to her breasts. Her chest heaved up and down. A shy grin crinkled her mouth until the smile spread across her face. Bolstered by her reaction, he raised a hand to the silken nape of her neck and drew her into his arms once more. His own lips curved upwards when her skin pulsed under his brazen fingertips. He nuzzled her neck, inhaling her sweet fragrance.
“I love how you smell.” He caressed a breast and she moaned. Pushing off him, she broke contact and stepped back. His brow lowered, but he kept quiet.
“This is a mistake, but I might as well take a chance or forever kick my own butt for not finding out.”
“Take a chance on what?” he asked.

Twitter: @NLBadger
Nancy also writes paranormal romance as Nancy Lee Badger.
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: Full-length Novel
Release Date: August 2011
ISBN: 978-1-937044-02-2
Red Rose Publishing Buy Link:
Amazon Link:

Nancy is giving away a FABULOUS prize to one lucky person! Win this handy-dandy ‘Emergency Kit’ complete with bandages, hand sanitizer, pencil, pen, stapler, highlighter, paperclips, push pins, and tape. The pouch zips shut and makes traveling a breeze! Leave your comment AND your e-mail address. Good luck!


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