Friday, July 22, 2011

Hi My Name is Sharita Lira and I Write Gay Erotica Romance

By Sharita Lira aka Michael Mandrake

Greetings people. I’d like to thank Louisa for having me at her place today. I’d like to talk about the phenomenon I suppose I’m part of. Maybe we should call it a movement. It has become more of a story in the last few years but in reality, it has always existed.

What am I saying? Females who write gay romance.

Now, let me first say, I’m a newbie to the world of published writing. I’d been putting my stories on paper for years for my friends to read and they said, oh man you need to try selling some of these. So, I joined the ERWA over 9 years and started sending my stories over the list. I got some great comments and finally last year, around this time, I decided to submit.

However, when I wrote the tales to the list, they were hetero. I was kinda good at it as I look back but I figured, this wouldn’t be more than something I did in addition to my regular job and I’d never turn it into a career even though I loved writing erotic stories.

Let’s back track to 2009.

I discovered something I really enjoyed reading called slash fanfiction. For those of you not familiar, slash is same gender pairings, mostly m/m. I read these on Livejournal as well as a site for my favorite band Duran Duran called Lovely Planet of There. Now, I’ve always loved watching manlove in erm, adult movies, but I’d never really read them till I started reading slash. And it went beyond DD, it went to Depeche Mode, Placebo, some slash of TV shows, Lord of the Rings, etc. I was HOOKED and finally I said, oh I think I’d enjoy this a lot more. That was when, Sharita Lira, the m/m writer was born.

Much to the chagrin of some of my friends who read my m/f, I began writing more slash and almost completely abandoned hetero because I loved writing about men in love. It was just something so much more exciting, arousing, and taboo telling the tales of two men who find one another attractive and move to the bedroom. WHEW.

This led me back to last year where I finally subbed my twisted stories to several publishers and well, about 19 stories later, here I am! A lot of people ask, including those in my immediate family, what’s the reason? Well, I just stated some of them but the most important one is, I believe that love sees no color or gender. In reality, if you truly have emotions for someone, regardless of how others feel, you will pursue them. The other reason? I love being the rebel and even though the manlove genre has exploded, it’s still considered a niche subgenre, placed under erotica. (Don’t get me started there)

So in closing, I write manlove, gay romance, gay erotica and I don’t hide from it. Yes, sometimes, and I do mean sparingly, I write m/f. If I’m feeling female, I’ll add a gal to my male pairing to make it saucy but at the moment, all my muses love the m/m and until that changes, which I don’t think it will, I’ll continue to be part of the movement.

I’d like to thank Louisa for hosting me today. Here are some places you can find me.

The Literary Triad -!
Michael Mandrake -
Rawiya -
Twitter -!/rawiyamikembl
It's Raining Men Blog

Lastly, here is my latest book. If you know Michael and Rawiya, you’re aware how much we love anthologies. My favorites are the 3 from Sizzler Intoxications here I’ve been selected to be part of some amazing collections under my editor and mentor, Sascha Illyvich.

The one just released is “Binding Justice” from Michael Mandrake. Here’s a blurb and excerpt.

Binding Justice, the only gay fiction romance story in the anthology is a tale of an older man seeking the assistance after losing his wife to cancer. Throughout his life, he has had the desire to be with another man but due to his strict upbringing as well as his time in the armed forces, Sire Jacobs has suppressed those feelings. At the insistence of his gay friend Gabe, he decides to attend a party to find someone of home he can bring this side out. Enter in Jarvis Densley, a twenty three year old gay male, shunned by his parents and looking for someone to mentor and love him. Apparently, both have similar interests but will Sire's darker desire be what keeps them apart?

Excerpt PG
Sire felt like an old man amongst so many young people. It had been years since he’d been in a place like this.
I’m only here in support of Gabriel.
He reminded himself of that several times. Sire was pretty sure no one coming through that door would catch his eye. By the looks of things he was spot on since the clientele looked to be exactly what he wasn’t looking for.
Did he even know what kind of man he wanted? A young, strong, and pretty one. Not a drag queen or flamer.  
It amazed him he was going over this in his mind as he downed the last of his scotch while still taking in the sights. He never thought he’d get the chance to experience another man.
Still gazing, he noticed Gabe pulling someone’s hand through a crowd. When Sire locked eyes with Gabe, his friend nodded with a smile as the young man with him was turned to the right. After a couple of seconds, Sire got a glimpse of the guy. He was dressed in leather, looking very appealing even from a distance.
Sire sat up on his stool, angling his neck trying to get a good look as the twosome threaded through small throngs of people. Before he knew it, Gabe made his way over with a tall, lanky, gentleman with burgundy hair, brown eyes, chiseled features, and a wry smile. He looked a lot like one of the men on the flyer Gabe had earlier; almost the same outfit, his makeup perfect.
His look was just what Sire wanted.
Gabe grinned, “Sire, this is Jarvis Densley. I been talking with him a few minutes about his choice of clothing. He looks a lot like you asked about, right?”
Sire drew up his lips, stroking his beard.
Jarvis Densley, ugly name for a beautiful man.

Wow! Who wants to read more? <*Me, raising my hand!*>. Thank you so much Sharita, for stopping by and sharing with us today. If you'd like to be entered in to win a copy of "Blinding Justice" in the anthology, please leave a comment along with an email address where you can be reached!


  1. Hi, Sharita, and all your other personas. You already know I'm a fan. Great article. Wishing you nothing but the best.

  2. Thanks DA! I appreciate the visit!

  3. Appreciate the drop-by today. Such a great topic, too.

  4. I really enjoyed your post and I'm glad you write gay fiction because I love to read it. In fact I think I'm hooked on it.

    sstrode at scrtc dot com