Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Hunt is On!

Ready to get your hunt on? Who can resist is good treasure hunt? Especially when the treasure is filled with exciting locations, sexy heroes and heroines, and a lot of adventure and fun to fill the hours. We hope you have fun uncovering the characters and plots of the stories each author has provided a clue to:

  1. Each day a group of authors will post the answers to their clues.
  2. You must use the clues to find your way to the author’s blog/website or FB and find the answer to their question. Answers can be found in the excerpts/blurbs posted on the sites.
  3. All the answers will be posted by Friday 04/08/11.
  4. Once you have all the answers then you must go to TRS website and click on the Treasure Hunt logo to submit your answers.
  5. All answers must be submitted by Saturday 04/09/11.
  6. The person with the most correct answers wins the Kindle. In cause of tie, a random winner will be picked from the group of top answers. Other prizes drawn at random.
  7. First prize is a Kindle. Other prizes include 10 print romance titles, many of the authors will be giving away a copy of their ebook to a commenter on their blog/site, and $25 gift card to Amazon.

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