Friday, April 15, 2011

Guest Blog: The Mystery of a Veil…

Lisa Kessler kicks off our new Feature Friday guest column where fellow authors discuss their work, and some of the process that went into the story. Let's give her a warm welcome. 
The Mystery of a Veil…
Veils are one of the most versatile illusions, aren’t they?  They’re often worn by brides as they walk down the aisle.  When she reaches the groom, her father lifts the veil, revealing her smiling face to her future husband in a symbolic gesture as she is “given” to her husband.
But that’s certainly not the only use for a veil. 
Some cultures use veils to hide a woman’s face from all but her closest family.  Belly dance performers often use veils to enhance the beauty of their dance, and sometimes a veil isn’t really a fabric at all. 
I love the image of a “veil” between our human world and Summerland, the old world of magic where the Fae still dance in the moonlight.  What if one of the faerie folk crossed the veil into our world?  Would we recognize them?  And why would they give up the world of magic to live with us?
These were some of the questions that crossed my mind as I wrote Across the Veil. 
Across the Veil blurb:
Princess Talia from Summerland has been hiding across the veil in the human world for the past five years.

Starring in a hit television show as human actress, Natalie Thurmont, her charmed new life is shattered when the past comes knocking on her door.
You can see the Book Trailer here:
Across the Veil is available for all eReaders on Amazon and Smashwords.  You can also download the Kindle for PC program for free to read the story without an eReader.
About Lisa Kessler 
Lisa Kessler has published short stories in print anthologies and magazines. Her story, Immortal Beloved was a finalist for a Bram Stoker award and is currently a part of the Dead Souls anthology from Morrigan Books.Her Night Trilogy: Night Walker, Night Demon, and Night Child. Will be released later this year from Entangled Publishing along with a novella, Night Thief! She’s also working on a new werewolf Moon Series. Lisa lives with her husband and two great teens in San Diego. You can learn more on her website: or on her blog:
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