Friday, July 8, 2022

The Sexuality of Valkyrie (spoilers Thor: Love and Thunder)

 This blog contains potential spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder, in particular concerning the character of Valkyrie. If you don’t want to know, please don’t read on.

Before the release of Thor: Love and Thunder, there was speculations and discussions on how the movie might address the sexuality of the warrior Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson. In Thor: Love and Thunder, now King Valkyrie now watches over New Asgard. 


In an interview with “Behind the Movie” on Fandango, Thompson was asked what the vibe was with Natalie Portman, and if there was any connection there between the characters. 


“Valkyrie is someone who is deeply steeped in her love of sisterhood.” Thompson responded. “I think also it’s delicious that she is another version of Thor.”


In fact, during the filming of the movie, shots of Thompson getting close with Taika Waititi and Rita Ora, and the idea of a real-life threesome made the possibility even more delicious – to borrow a word from Thompson. (If you want to see them, do a search for their names on Twitter … circa May 2021).


With Valkyrie, there are three (maybe four) references that address her love of women.


1) After ribbing Thor about what’s happening with Jane, Valkyrie says that she’s on the same “team” as Thor, aka Team Jane. 


2) Korg draws Valkyrie out about her lost love, referencing the death of her lover of another Valkyrie warrior on the battlefield. Valkyrie brushes him off that she’s better off not thinking about it. 


3) Brief flirtation with one of Zeus’ fair maidens. 


4) Gorr uses the loss of Valkyrie’s sisterhood as proof that the gods do not listen for cries for help (not as directly related; however, in light of the conversation with Korg, we’re drawn back to the idea of her lost love.)


Thor: Love and Thunder shows a fair representation of LGBTQ+ characters organically. There’s not much to draw a conclusion of bisexuality. The only reference to male appreciation is when Zeus strips a chained Thor, and viewers get a flash of golden buns. I mean, who wouldn’t appreciate!


If Marvel is thinking about an origin film for Valkyrie, I’m down for it. If it’s just going to focus on the love she’s already lost, please don’t. It kinda feels like finally get a Black Widow film, well, after the events of Endgame. 

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Louisa Bacio

The teens and I, Thursday night showing of Thor: Love and Thunder.





  1. Oh I hope they make a movie for Valkyrie, but yeah, leave the lazy writing at home about the tragic lost love trope. I'm glad Thor: Love and Thunder was a fun film (it was, right?)

    1. Valkyrie is best as a powerful warrior, but I know she's got that loving side! Give us the love!

      It's a lot of fun, yes. Definitely think there are elements that could be smoothed over but I'm a tough critic.

  2. I haven't watched this yet but I don't mind a little spoiler fun. I've liked all the movies up till now so I'm looking forward to seeing this.

    1. Sometimes it gives me a little preview of what to look for when I watch the movie! <3