Friday, September 13, 2019

#Back2School Hop! #Fridaythe13th

The kids have all gone #Back2School, now it’s time for the adults to break some rules! This hop is different from the rest, and we're hoping one of the best! Not only does it also include an event with even more #games and #prizes, but also 3 different days, 3 different categories, and 3 #rafflecopters!

Welcome to my page! I'm in the Romance category! My favorite genre to write in is Paranormal Romance because every time I try to write in contemporary, a ghost or a shifter or a vampire slips in.

In addition to contributing to the grand prize, I’m also giving away a $13 Amazon gift card on my Facebook author page, because … Friday, the 13th!

To enter here, please visit my FB author page  The contest ends Sunday, midnight, PST, and the winner will be chosen on Monday morning.

Be sure to enter to win the rafflecopters! Then head on over to! And don't miss out on the #event!

Here's the master list of all the rafflecopters and Hop participants.

9/13 Mystery/Thrillers/Chillers

Master Hop List:

Good luck, and thanks for visiting!

Louisa Bacio

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