Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Chance Encounters with Karenna Colcroft

Have you ever had an instant connection with someone you’ve met? Maybe someone you just happened to be chatting with in line at the supermarket check-out. Or someone you sat next to on the train. Someone you shared a class or workshop with.

Sometimes those encounters can lead to friendships. Other times, that person is in your life for the length of the line or train ride, and then you never see them again. Even though you wish you could.

Then there are the parties. You’re dancing, drinking, having a great time, and you meet someone you instantly know should be part of your life. Maybe you dance with them. Stand or sit around chatting.

Maybe, if they’re the gender you prefer and you can find a quiet spot, you have sex with them.

And then you realize afterward, when the party has ended and you’ve walked away, that you have no idea how to ever reach them again.

In my new male/male contemporary novella Whatever He Wants, Randall considers himself the king of one-night stands, and usually he doesn’t care if he ever sees his partner again. A working grad student, Randall doesn’t believe he has time for relationships. As he puts it, he just wants to get in, get off, and get out.

That is, until he meets Isaiah at a party. He feels an almost instant “click” with Isaiah, and after some really hot sex, he knows he wants to see Isaiah again. But Isaiah has already walked away, and Randall has no idea how to find him. Unknown to Randall, his reputation has spread, and Isaiah wants to teach him a lesson about how it feels to be played.

Does Randall ever find Isaiah? I won’t answer that, but since it is a romance novella, I’m sure you can take a guess. Whatever He Wants is available from Ellora’s Cave, http://www.ellorascave.com/whatever-he-wants.html, and third-party retail sites. You can find out more about Karenna Colcroft and her books on her website, http://www.karennacolcroft.com, Facebook https://www.facebook.com/karenna.colcroft, or Twitter @KarennaColcroft.

Share your own chance encounter story in the comments, and I’ll draw one winner on Dec. 14 to receive a PDF copy of Whatever He Wants.

Grad student Randall has a reputation to uphold. He’s too busy to fall in love, and is known among his friends as the king of one-night stands. He prefers it that way until he meets Isaiah at a party.
Against all of Randall’s expectations, Isaiah turns out to be exactly what he’s looking for, and for the first time Randall’s heart gets involved. Randall doesn’t know whether Isaiah is truly interested in him or just playing the player, but to find out, Randall will do whatever Isaiah wants.

Isaiah ended up eating only half his meal. He kept exchanging heated looks with Randall until Randall could barely stand it, and apparently Isaiah was just as turned-on. He shoved his plate away and tossed some cash on the table. “I’ve got yours. Let’s go.”
“Where?” Randall asked.
“Your place.” Isaiah smiled. “I want to see your bed.”
Randall grabbed him by the jacket and dragged him outside. Isaiah laughed the entire way to Randall’s apartment.
The second they were inside, before Randall even managed to speak Isaiah pinned him against the door, holding Randall’s hands to his sides. He crushed his mouth hard against Randall’s, teeth and tongues colliding so forcefully it hurt. Randall didn’t give a shit. He was here with Isaiah. With Isaiah’s body against his, cocks rubbing together through their jeans, heat building between them until he thought he would burst into flames.
And that was just a goddamn kiss.
Isaiah broke the kiss but stayed against Randall. “Do you feel how hard I am, baby?”
“Yeah.” Randall tried to pull a hand free to cup the pleasing bulge between them but Isaiah tightened his grip. “I want to touch you.”
“I’ve been this hard for you all week,” Isaiah growled. “All fucking week all I’ve thought about was plowing into your tight little ass and stroking your cock and making you scream. I jerked off so much I was almost raw and it wasn’t enough.”
“Because it wasn’t me,” Randall said. He was elated. Isaiah had suffered just as much as he had. Had wanted him just as much. He hadn’t been the only one to have a miserable week, and now they were going to make up for it.
“Because it wasn’t you,” Isaiah agreed. “What about you? Did you play with yourself while you thought about me? Did you come so hard you saw stars while you dreamed about having me play with your dick? Tell me, baby. Tell me how bad you missed me.”
Such intense arousal rushed through Randall that he almost wasn’t able to collect himself enough to speak. “Bad,” he blurted. “So, so bad. I stroked off every day. Saw you. Your eyes. Your hair. Your hands and cock. All about you and you weren’t here and I wanted to fucking kill you.”
“We really did a number on each other.” Isaiah let go of him and stepped back. “You only wanted a one-night stand last week before we hooked up, didn’t you?”
“Get in, get off, get out.” Randall took a deep breath and adjusted his painfully hard cock inside his pants. “The usual when I go to parties. But it wasn’t enough. I knew that before you even started to fuck me. I knew I wanted more. I wanted longer.”
“So did I.”
Isaiah stepped forward and touched his lips to Randall’s again. This kiss was a stark contrast to the previous one. Gentle, not rough. Tender, not forceful. Full of emotions Randall had never imagined feeling, let alone admitting to, but they were all there bare and obvious. And mutual.


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    1. Totally believe in chance encounters, or maybe not-quite-by-chance. So many people touch our lives. Good luck!

  2. This sounds like one sexy read and I love the cover. Congrats. Adding this to my TBR list. I believe that people can find love any where if they look. I fell in love online...just takes that one connection. ~Nikki