Friday, October 25, 2013

Wicked Fairy Tales

How do you like your fairy tales? I like mine naughty. Just in time for Halloween, I’m celebrating the release of two tales for adults only! “The Drummer Princess,” a F/F re-telling of the classic, in the newly released Hot Ink Press anthology Fetish Fairy Tales, and “Open Sesame,” ménage and bikers!

Here’s a looksee!

The Drummer Princess

Grand balls and handsome princes never interested Princess Marianna. She preferred spending time with the castle’s sweet milkmaid and playing her drums. When the king sends Marianna on an adventure to find herself, she is visited by the apparition of Princess Julia.

After refusing to marry the nobleman of his choosing, Julia’s father imprisons her in an isolated mountaintop cabin, guarded by an evil witch. Only a prince who’s able to best the giants and outsmart the witch can free her.

Marianna knows she can do anything a man can, and vows to rescue Julia and claim the ultimate prize of love.

The F/F erotic short story is in …

Fetish Fairy Tales

Have you ever wondered if it was merely a kiss that awakened Sleeping Beauty or what Snow White did with all those dwarves? Wonder no longer! Look deeper into the stories you know all too well to find the other side of happily ever after.

These are adult fairy tales with all heat levels, these are not the demure princesses of your childhood. 18+ only.

Available via Amazon (and soon other eRetailers).

Open Sesame

A modern-day retelling of the classic tale, Ali Baba could have her choice of 40 thieves, but only wants two. Alison Baba is tired of waiting around for the guy she’s interested in to make the first move. A staggering hulk of muscle, Dragan acts as the enforcer of Ali’s departed father’s motorcycle gang. If she can’t tempt Dragan into her bed, she’ll trick him.

Dragan’s convinced he needs to protect Ali from any potential harm, and that includes himself. Ali pushes the experience too far when she invites in Taj, a known thief within the tribe. It’ll take one long Arabian night, and a whole lot of sex-play, to convince these two men that she’s worth her weight in jewels, and their threesome can outlast 1,001 nights.

Available via Amazon, All-Romance eBooks, Ravenous Romance (.99 cents!) and Barnes & Noble.

Contest: Leave a comment with your favorite fairy tale, and a valid email address, and I’ll pick a winner on Nov. 1, for a $5 Amazon gift card. 


Louisa Bacio


  1. Great blog Louisa! Followed! Congrats on the new release!

  2. My favorite fairy tale as a child was always Little Red Riding Hood. And, I have to admit, I still love me some wolves...LOL.

  3. I loved Snow White as a child but I like the Sleeping Beauty books by Anne Rice Congrats on the book and like the blog Thank you for the giveaway.

  4. My favorite fairy tale is beauty and the beast ;p why because its romantic she see him for what on the inside and well that what i wish all people would do