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The Girls Meet the Boys with Tara Lain

I’m delighted to get to come hang out with Louisa today. She and I are friends from Romance Writers of America, we’re going to tear up the town together in New Orleans for GayRomLit in October, and we’re both Libras. Like Louisa, I write gay romance and ménages but all of my books are about the boys. Yes, I do write some M/M/F ménages and even an occasional M/F couple but they are always secondary to my beautiful boys of romance. So today I’d like to introduce you to some of those guys and share a little about why you might want to sneak some men into your hot girl reading schedule.
The Scientist and the Supermodel
Tara Lain
       •            Roan Black – First let me say that many of my heroes are androgynous or nearly so. I find packing both male and female characteristics into one person is powerful and, I think, powerfully attractive. One example of this is my supermodel hero, Roan Black. Roan is beautiful, looking nearly as feminine as he does masculine. He is gentle, wise, and enormously capable. He will submit but only to the right man – and woman. Roan is the star of my book Genetic Attraction and  new release, The Scientist and the Supermodel
       •            David Underwood – David is the central character in Volley Balls, another new release, and a M/M/M menage novella. David is flamboyantly gay, dressing in tight pants and bright colors, but he is determined, self-actuating and knows who he is and what he does and doesn’t want. David is a great study in contrasts.
       •            Trelain Medveyev – One if the three heroes of Golden Dancer, a M/M/M romantic suspense coming out on September 27, Trelain is the world’s greatest ballet dancer. Half British and half Russian, Trelain looks androgynous but has a powerful, dominant personality. He ends up a pawn in a dangerous power play between two very rich men. This M/M/M ménage shows the fluid , shifting gender roles of men in a relationship – an interesting reason to read M/M books.
       •            Caleb Martin – A big, hunky soccer star, Caleb is the hero of Deceptive Attraction, expected to release on November 1. Deceptive Attraction, a M/M/F ménage, is the sequel to Genetic Attraction. Caleb may be big and strong, but he likes to be dominated both by his “pretty as a girl” lover, Elijah, and his cute tomboy lover, Angel.
There’s lots more where those guys come from and maybe one or more is your cup of tea?  Just to check it out, here is an excerpt from my recent release, The Scientist and the Supermodel. And if you’ll leave a comment, I’ll select one name by random number to receive an ecopy of my other new release, Volley Balls. Thank you for visiting and thanks again to Louisa for hosting me.  :  )

Excerpt R: Tara Lain The Scientist and the Supermodel M/M Erotic Romance (Language edited so "adult" block could be removed.)

The Scientist and the Supermodel

Tara Lain

Genre: Contemporary Menage; please see Publisher's Note

Length: Short Novel

Price: $5.99

Geneticist Jake Martin has brilliant scientific vision, but he's blind to his own nature. Despite his flagging interest in women and his past experience with a man, he's convinced himself he'd be happy if he could just have his older boss, Emmaline Silvay, as his lover. Living in his closeted dream world, he's unprepared for the powerful attraction he experiences to supermodel Roan Black, "the most beautiful man in the world."

Jake can't resist the gorgeous, androgynous creature. Who could? he thinks. But Roan refuses to accept him until Jake admits that it's a man he wants and this man in particular. Jake tells himself it's just sex, but his refusal to understand what he really needs threatens the best chance at happiness he's ever had. Is there a future for a PhD scientist who refuses to see and a high school dropout supermodel who understands all too clearly?

Publisher's Note: This book is predominantly a romance between two bisexual men and features primarily male/male sexual practices; however, it contains m/f and m/m/f scenes and is therefore classified as menage, not strictly LGBT.

Read an excerpt at http://www.loose-id.com/The-Scientist-and-the-Supermodel.aspx 
The following excerpt occurs after Jake has had an unexpected encounter with a man in LA. He is at his parent’s home in Brooklyn, has just asked out a girl who was invited to dinner and is now talking to his brother in the guest room.

The daybed was a little too small, and Jake shifted, trying to get his feet in a comfortable position. The room was dark except for reflections from a streetlight shining through the one window. Yeah, he was tired after the flying and the socializing. He sighed.
“You liked her, huh? You’re going to take her out?” his brother’s voice murmured across the room.
“Yeah, I asked her out.”
“She really turned you on. That date should be hot.”
Realizing hormones pretty much ran his brother’s twenty-year-old life, Jake asked with a grin, “Now why do you think that?”
“Hey, man, I saw you trying to hide that boner when you ran out.”
Jake flushed, glad that the room was dark. “Did everyone see?”
“Nah, just me. I was beside you, remember?”
“Yeah, well, I was thinking of someone else.”
“Ohhh. Your boss, I’ll bet. You’ve got it bad for her.”
Should he go with that suggestion? “Yeah, I do.” Then he decided to be at least a little more honest to encourage Caleb to be the same. “But actually it was someone else.”
He heard his brother sit up in bed. “No shit? You got another woman?”
Why did he have to phrase it quite like that? “Just someone I met in LA.”
“Wow. No wonder you’re so tired, big brother.” He laughed. “What’s her name?”
“I’d rather just forget about it.”
“No f***ing way. Is she one of those LA chicks? Is she an actress? Wow. Is she famous?”
“Famous? Yes, that’s right. Now give it a rest.”
Suddenly the daybed was a lot more crowded, and Caleb was sitting on his legs. “Ya gotta tell me, Jake.”
“I don’t gotta tell you.” Shit, why didn’t he keep his mouth shut?
“Why don’t you want to tell me?”
“It’s personal.”
“I’m your brother,” he wailed.
“I know, but I can’t tell you about this.”
Cal was quiet for a moment. “Why not, Jake? Will it shock me? Will it despoil my lily-white ears?”
Jake sighed. “Yeah, it would shock you.”
“Really? Awesome! Let me guess. Threesome?”
“S and M?”
Cal flopped backward. “Orgy?”
“God, no. Hey, baby brother, what the hell are they teaching you in that college? Are you speaking from experience?”
“Shit, no.” He gave an evil grin. “Wish I was, though.”
“Come on, you like to be tied up?”
“I might consider it.”
“You want to be with a bunch of women?”
“Well, no, not really. But don’t change the subject, bro; we were talking about your indiscretions, not mine.”
“No need. I’m not talking. Get off me. Let’s go to sleep.”
The big body didn’t move, and all Jake’s pushing didn’t budge him. Okay, he’d just go to sleep. Jake turned his head on the pillow and sighed. Ignore the runt.
Cal was quiet, then a voice came out of the darkness. “Jake, did you have sex with a man?”
Jake swallowed hard. “Why the hell would you think that?”
“’Cause I remember that guy. Tom. So did you?”
 “Yeah, sort of, but don’t think it was something major. I mean, it just happened…”
Caleb shifted and brought his face down so he was looking straight at Jake in the dim light. “I said, awesome.” He was quiet for a minute, then seemed to have made a decision. “Jake, my roommate is my lover. His name is Charlie.”
“Holy shit.”
They both just rested in the moment. Then Caleb practically pounced on him. “Tell me, Jake. Who was it? What did he do?” Suddenly Jake was being lifted by the shoulders and hugged by his giant of a brother. “Oh crap, Jake, I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have someone to talk to.”
Jake extricated himself gently from the bear hug and scooted back so he could sit up against the pillows. The light coming through the windows illuminated his brother’s handsome face. “Cal, why haven’t you told Mom and Dad?”
He looked a little sulky. “I didn’t hear you sharing your adventures at the dinner table.”
“Yeah, well this was a one-time thing. How long have you known you were…uh, liked guys?”
“It’s okay, Jake, you can say gay. That’s what I am, and I’ve known it since I went into puberty and all my raging hormones were pointing me in the wrong direction. Then I realized it was the right direction for me.”
“But you never told the folks.”
“For a long time I just kind of denied it. Then when I met Charlie and really got committed to the lifestyle, I just got tongue-tied. You know, Dad and Sean are such alphas.”
“I notice you didn’t include me in that description.”
“Well, you’re the pretty one. And you were always so comfortable with Tom. Man, I thought he was cute. Of course, I was just a kid, and he couldn’t see anyone but you. F**k, that guy loved you.”
“You knew that?”
“F**k, yeah. Didn’t you?”
“Not for a long time.”
“Wow. Poor guy.”
“So is that who you were with? Did he move to LA or something?”
“No, it wasn’t Tom.”
“Yeah, and I guess he wouldn’t be famous, or I’d probably have seen him. So who was it?”
“Doesn’t matter.”
“If it doesn’t matter, why won’t you tell me?”
“Don’t want to.” Shit, what was he, five?
“So what did this unknown guy do?” Cal grabbed him again. “I’ll bet he sucked you off, didn’t he? That’s a pretty heteroflexible activity. Who doesn’t like getting their c**k sucked? Right?”
“Yeah, right.”
“So who was it? Tell me, Jake. You know I’m not gonna tell anyone. C’mon, tell me.”
Jake sighed. “Okay. Have you ever heard of a model named Roan Black?”
Dead silence was followed by a soft whisper. “You are shitting me.”
His voice rose. “Roan Black sucked your c**k? The most beautiful man in the world sucked your f***ing c**k?”
Caleb fell back on the very crowded bed. “Baby, that doesn’t make you gay, it just means you’re smart.”
 Jake burst out laughing.

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Wow, totally HOT. So how much (good) trouble do you think Tara and I can get up to in New Orleans? Oh, I'm sure we'll be writing about it. Remember to leave a comment (and email addy) to enter to win a copy of Tara's book Volley Balls.


  1. Hi Louisa. Thanks so much for hosting me on your blog! It's a pleasure to be here. : )

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  3. Loved the excerpt of The Scientist and the Supermodel and the relationship between the two brothers. I know siblings that are that open (eventually) with each other, but not me and my sister.


  4. Hi Wendy -- Thank you. I call them my beautiful boys of romance, but they are strong though not always alphas. Hi acm05 -- I think we all wish we had that kind of relationship with our siblings. Families always seem to play a big role in my books. Jake's mom and dad are important in this book too. You're both entered to win a copy of Volley Balls. : )

  5. Definitely thought the excerpt was way hot, too! . Lovely to have you here!

  6. Wow. I've been wanting to read Volley Balls for a while, but now I'll have to look into The Scientist and The Supermodel as well. The excerpt was fantastic and showed a scene that happens a lot, if not between family then with friends.

  7. Tara,

    Ok...now I have to get your book! Purchasing it now.

    Since we always joke about you writing a book about the "Sexologist" and the Supermodel, I thought it was hysterical when I read the brother's lover is named "Charlie".

    Love your beautiful boys and tonight I'll be curled up with them...as I read your book. *smiles*

    I think you and Louisa will tear up that town. Make sure you take lots of incriminating pictures we can use to blackmail you both.

    Live with passion,

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  16. Hi Daun Ann -- Hi. Great to see you! You're entered.; Maybe you'll win volley Balls. : )

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