Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finishing Touches …

Two more days before my next manuscript is due. It’s a sizzling f/f sequel in the Sex University universe. As I’ve been pouring through edits over the last week, I’ve come to the conclusion that I needed some additional transitions between those steamy scenes. Over the last four months, obviously one thing remained forefront. Yeah, that’s right: bedroom scenes.  

As a “pantster,” a writer who tends to write by the seat-of-the-pants, I tend to focus on material that feels right at the time. And this story obviously feels right.

Readers will meet up with some old favorites, such as Officer Margaret “Marge,” who undergoes a dynamic transformation into a more self-confident “Maggie.” And then there’s Savannah, who is none other than Ms. Lucy’s niece. Does the apple fall far from that family tree?

Stay tuned for more release information.

Now, back to writing.

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