Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Sexy Saturday on a Long Haul

Welcome to my exploration into My Sexy Saturday. Today I'm featuring seven sentences from Long Haul. The game? Well, how about doing the naughty while driving!

She leaned over the seat to toss her duffle bag in the back. He glimpsed creamy thigh, the curve of her ass and a flash of a hot-pink thong. She bounced back onto her seat and snapped in her seatbelt.
“Thanks for picking me up and giving me a ride.” She stretched to give him a kiss on the cheek.
Where her lips touched, his skin pulsed with a different awareness, making him think of those late-night jerk-offs and he resisted the urge to wipe the spot.
  “No problem." 

Long Haul

Between California and Arizona, there’s a sweet patch of highway that encourages a man’s mind to
wander. Randy’s mind always ends up in the same place—traveling the smooth planes of Sallie Mae’s tanned legs and following the line of sweat that snakes down her neck and disappears between her breasts. It’s all too easy to imagine her naked in the seat beside him, flirting, stroking, even straddling his legs and daring him to find a better way to go than at eighty miles an hour with a hot blonde in his lap. The fantasy alone makes concentrating on the road a struggle. He doesn’t have a clue how he’s going to manage to drive Sallie Mae home from college while keeping his mind on the road and his hands to himself. Especially with Sallie Mae all too willing to flirt, stroke and blow the lid right off his fantasy.

Available now via Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, All Romance eBooks and coming soon to other eRetailers! 

Enjoy the Ride!

Louisa Bacio


  1. MMmm, spicy prelude - they're going to rock that stretch of highway for sure :)

    1. Ya think they'll be keeping score? Thanks for the visit Adriana!

  2. Varooom! Keep em comming. Jody x