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Greta van der Rol uncovers sexy hero of ‘Iron Admiral’ & Enter to Win

Today, please welcome Greta van der Rol who's getting down & dirty with her sexy hero from her ‘Iron Admiral’ books. I have a confessions to make. Usually, I make the pictures "small," but I couldn't help myself with that Levis ad. 

The ink had hardly dried on my signature on the contract to publish my two ‘Iron Admiral’ books when Diane asked me who I’d cast as the lead characters when Hollywood came calling for the movie rights. Yes, well, all right. A tad premature, but a girl can dream.

Hmmm... Grand Admiral Chaka Saahren, the Iron Admiral of the title. Well, he’s tall, ‘cos I like tall men. About 6’ 4”. (That’s about 193cm metric) He’s not young, around mid 40s, I’d say. You don’t get to Admiral over night, after all. But of course, in the distant future he’d still have the body of a twenty year old. He’s also not white Caucasian. He has the features of an Indian (subcontinent, not red), that is, black hair, dark (but not black) skin, straight nose. Well, frankly, that pretty much leaves out the leading men in Hollywood. But not the leading men in Bollywood. So here's my notion of my leading man. His name's Akshay Kumar. Just a minute while I stop drooling.

Ahem. Back to Saahren.

As far as sex is concerned... he's been a bit busy building a career for himself, so he has avoid the L word (love) like the plague. But then, in “The Iron Admiral: Conspiracy” he meets Allysha Marten. Here's a snippet of their first encounter. They've found a place to hide where a tree with a delicious fruit grows. But they're up high, so they have to work on some way of getting them down.


“I’ll help you get into the tree and I’ll catch the fruit when you throw it down.” He made a stirrup with his hands. “Here. I’ll hoist you up to that first branch.”

Balancing herself with her fingers resting lightly on his shoulders, she put her foot into his hands and pushed down. She slipped sideways. “I don’t think this is going to work.” She leant into him and started to giggle.

The scent of her invaded his nostrils; her breast pushed against his chest and set his pulse racing. Fruit. Think about fruit. He dropped his hands and straightened up. “I think you’d better turn around.”

“Okay. How’s that?” She stood next to him on one foot, one hand on his shoulder as he made a stirrup again, her foot grasped between his hands. She shoved down, trying to use his hands as a step but she ended up staggering against him, giggling helplessly. “That’s not going to work, either.”

He sighed and knelt down next to her, leaning forward a little to hide his erection. “Sit on my shoulders.”
She hesitated. “Are you sure? It won’t be a strain for you?”

“There’s not much of you. It won’t be a strain.” And at least he wouldn’t be in such intimate contact with her.

She swung a leg around his neck and settled herself down, hooking her knees under his arms. He stood, muscles bunching under the weight. “Okay?”

“Yes. You?”

“Fine.” He wished he was. He could smell her, female and alluring, his hands on her smooth skin, her parted legs around his neck. “Climb into the tree.” Please.

She grasped the branch and scrambled onto it, lifting herself with a foot on his shoulder. She turned around awkwardly and sat on the branch looking down at him.

“Go for the deep orange ones. Throw them down to me.” He raised his hands, ready to catch.

She reached up, wrenched the nearest off and tossed it to him. The over-ripe fruit splattered as it hit his hands.

“That’s one we won’t be eating.” He shook the sticky fragments away. “Do it gently or you’ll have to suck the fruit off my fingers.”

She chuckled. “Interesting thought.”

Far too interesting. He imagined her lips around his finger, her tongue… Concentrate, Saahren.

Getting out of the tree was interesting, too; even more interesting, really. Wink

“The Iron Admiral: Deception,” which follows on from where “The Iron Admiral: Conspiracy” leaves off, throws Saahren and Allysha into even more cliff-hanging adventure.

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Greta van der Rol loves writing science fiction with a large dollop of good old, healthy romance. She lives not far from the coast in Queensland, Australia and enjoys photography and cooking when she isn't bent over the computer. She has a degree in history and a background in building information systems, both of which go a long way toward helping her in her writing endeavours.

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  1. Greta, thanks for the excerpt. I'm off to google Akshay Kumar. Are you a Bollywood fan?

  2. Greta,

    Great excerpt! I so want to find out why Saahren and Allysha are climbing trees for fruit to eat. Are they stranded? Why are they stranded? How did they end up together?

    Nice job. I'm asking all kinds of questions and needing some answers! Deception sounds oh so intriguing and it has a beautiful cover to drool over. I'll have to be careful, though. Might short out my Kindle! =D

    Thanks for the giveaway...


  3. Love all the integration of Bollywood culture into American films these days. Thanks for sharing Greta, and Renee and Maggie, I appreciate you stopping by.

  4. Not so much a Bollywood fan (not a movie fan) but Akshay Kumar sets my little heart aflutter. You'll find both Iron Admiral books at 1/2 price at Omnilit - for a short time.

  5. Sorry for coming late. Love the excerpt, Greta!