Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Alpha Males and the Women Who Love Them with Starla Kaye

Please welcome Starla Kaye, who's exploring her love affair with the Alpha male, and giving a little glimpse into a holiday-themed release.

I love writing stories about Alpha males, especially ones who basically flounder around in the love game. They don’t understand how it is supposed to play out. They know how everything in their world beyond relationships should work. They make tough decisions, act on them, and live with the consequences. But nothing about making a relationship work with a woman they love comes easy for them.

I also love writing stories about women who fall in love with these stubborn, sometimes challenging men. These women are not weak. They face tough issues in their lives, deal with them as best they can, and struggle at times with relationships, too. Just as men often believe women are difficult to understand, these women, too, have problems understanding men sometimes.

In Holly’s Big Bad Santa, Jared Danville went from making a bad decision fifteen years ago to becoming a man molded by his hard, dangerous profession. He left his hometown as a testosterone crazed teenager craving more excitement than a small town in Kansas could give him. He walked away from a young woman that he hasn’t been able to forget. Now known as Kick-ass, Bad-ass Danville and hardened by things he has seen and done, he needs to go home again. But how can he face his family or Holly? How can he earn their forgiveness…and heal her wounded heart?

Holly loved Jared with all of the passion of a teenage girl in love for the first time. Then he left without a word right after his high school graduation. His parents were always certain he would return one day. She preferred to think he had died sometime over the years. Yet she could never quite believe that, or forget him. She is finally ready to go on with her life, to marry someone she met online. Except, just as he’d done all those years ago, Jared upsets her world by returning. And her foolish heart wants him.

She quickly realizes that he wants her back, wants her forgiveness for being an idiot. He is a man used to getting his way and is determined to win her heart. But Holly isn’t going to make it easy for him. This proud yet stupid Alpha male is going to have to suffer first. She’s cried too many tears over him, created a life of her own and has planned to finally get married. Jared needs to understand that he isn’t the only choice in her life anymore. He needs to hurt at what he might not be able to attain, at least for a while.

Holly’s Big Bad Santa isn’t a long story, but it deals with the elements I enjoy writing about: the tough Alpha male brought to his knees by the strong-willed woman who loves him. And it is a Christmas story, another one of my favorite elements to deal with.


Holly’s Big Bad Santa
Starla Kaye
Genre: Holiday Romance, Erotic
Length: Novella
Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions


Website: Starla Kaye http://starlakaye.com/
Facebook: Starla Kaye Writer https://www.facebook.com/StarlaKayeWriter
Amazon Authors Page: Starla Kaye http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B002ZH8K3U


  1. Sounds great! and I love Christmas stories and alpha males too.

  2. Sounds great, Starla! You've put some added obstacles in there because it *sounds* like Holly has moved on!