Friday, January 15, 2016

Review: A Star is Born by @CCAshworth

Star Crossed (StarTide Book 3)
Christine Ashworth

Star Crossed by Christine Ashworth cements my status as a superfan of this series and the author. As soon as this title released, I grabbed it and devoured it as fast as possible. The result? Filling, content and uber-satisfied.

There’s noting like a love story, of second chances, that withstands the test of time and all sorts of complications. Both Jenna Stone and Dane Hadley are searching for their second chance, in the fickle entertainment world and in love.

Together 10 years before, their relationship turned sour, and they went their separate ways. After some success in acting for Jenna and as a musician for Dane, they’re thrown together on the next go-round of their careers, and they’ll have to put up with each other or give up their dreams.

Ashworth deals with some serious issues in Star Crossed, but with grace and humor. Never did I feel weighed down by the drama. More so, the support Dane shows for his love bolsters the storyline. We all want a partner who stands by us, in those good times and bad, and fortunately for Star Crossed, there are way more good times to be had.

Now, we’re really waiting for agent Conway Davis’s story! And I have a feeling she’s going to keep us waiting!

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