Tuesday, July 31, 2012

When the Underdog Comes Out on Top

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Who is Hephaestus? For those not familiar with Greek mythology, he is the god of blacksmiths, inventors, and volcanoes. He is the creator of Zeus's lightning bolt and almost every weapon held by the gods and goddesses of Olympus. He is also known as the “lame one” because of a grotesque limp and scarring from his fall.

The stories vary about why he was cast out from his immortal home, but the most known was that his very own mother tossed him from the skies as a baby and he fell for a full day and night until he hit the ground. He literally had to trick his way back into his home and when he did finally come back, was kept in the hot forges to work out of sight of the others.

So, loser? Uh, yeah! And where there is a hero who always seems to have bad luck, I feel there should be a chance at love for him.

When I first envisioned the Blacksmith God, I knew I would give him the physical flaw of a limp and ragged scar, but I went a lot further and let him have the mental anguish that came with being a punching bag. His self-esteem is low and he suffers from extreme social anxiety. He's never sure how to respond when confronted by others and usually takes whatever is dished out without much outwardly complaint.

I wanted to carry this into the mortal realm and we see how awkward he is when accosted (literally) by Willa, Vanessa's younger sister. A big guy yes, but a teddy bear through and through. That is endearing to many that someone of his size can also be very gentle and understanding. Especially given how he's treated by those who are supposed to love him.

Hephaestus has an unconditional loyalty and love about him that makes him the perfect hero, despite his obvious flaws. This was something I deliberately wrote because I've not read many “losers” come out on top and it seemed to make sense in his case. He has to overcome  those demons that bring him down in order to rise to the top and he learns that through the love he is given from Vanessa.

The physical appearance of Hephaestus was just as important as his personality because with such a calming presence about him, I wanted to emphasize the largeness of his physique. Taking into consideration that he is a blacksmith, his shoulders, back, and arms were to be massive. Strong and powerful hands and then a body to sustain the fact that he stood all day in the forges hammering and building projects for others. Let's face it, he's the ultimate, sexy handy man!

So there you have it! How I turned the loser of Olympus into a stud muffin. Hephaestus has been, by far, my most favorite hero to create. I hope all that come out and read Touch of the Gods: The Wager agree and give three cheers for the underdog!!


When love and war makes a little wager, what could possibly go wrong?

I am Hephaestus. God of inventions, blacksmiths, and volcanoes. Sounds like I'm awesome right? Well, I'm not. In fact, I'm the loser of Olympus and a new bachelor to boot. Living the single life is great until a decade passed. Honestly if my divorce from the Goddess of Love wasn't bad enough, I am still being rejected by the other women of my home.

Because of an incessant need to make me a pawn in his game, my brother, Ares convinces Eros to make a little bet. A wager that puts my lack of love life to the test. Sent to Earth, I'm skeptical, when suddenly I lose myself in the sensual scent and beauty of the full bodied Vanessa. She is my everything, my perfection.

Sadly, from a single caress upon her silky flesh, I sent our lives into a downward spiral of hell. To save her, I must get beyond my demons of the past. And to save me, she will have to decide if I'm worth giving up everything for.

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  1. Thanks for the thoughtful guest post.

  2. the under dog is all way can come in up and runnign

  3. Thank you so much for having me here today. Hephaestus has always been my favorite! Good luck to those that enter the contest.

  4. Congrats on your new release, and I can't wait to read the book...*S*
    I love underdog stories, and especially if their emotional reads. I love getting into the characters emotions, and ride that roller coaster with them.
    Thank you for the chance to win your book, and wishing you continued success!

    pommawolf @hotmail.com

  5. I am very interested! You and I share some common research bonds.

  6. And yes, I am a fan of the underdog. I also love it when the underdog isn't at first aware that they are the underdog.