Tuesday, July 3, 2012

5 Things I Can Delete from Memory

Limited seating. Please arrive early in order to reserve your spot. Each book I write brings in even more odd details. As I’ve gotten a wee bit older, and more information gets crammed in my brain, I’ve decided that there are a few things I’d be willing to kick to the curb in order to make way for the new.

1) The theme song to “My Little Pony”

As I search the house for my Haunted New Orleans book, do I really need to be mentally singing this ditty? No …

2) “Cherry Pie” by Warrant

The neighbor behind me used to play this song continuously on weekends – 15 years past its prime. I’m ready to scrub clean, “She’s my cherry pie …”

3) My college roommate didn’t like mushrooms

Sorry Jared. Still love you, but not sure if I need to retain this little tidbit any further.

4) Some of the information that my children tell me

Case in point: If we have a haunted house, we’d win. Because if you take one of the green bath bees filled with oil and open it, and then mix it with the colored tablets for the water, it’ll turn the bee a bright red-purple color. What? Umm, sorry, don’t need that.

5) Skin mites, germs on remote controls in hotel rooms, etc.

Yes, I know that all those creepy, crawly things exist. But, is there anything that can really be done about it? Maybe a remote control condom? Should I bring the antibacterial gel and clean everything before using? Some things, I’d rather not know.

If this blog was the plot line for a movie, think about the trouble I would get into with each one of these memory losses. What potential repercussions.

And, a few things I hope never to forget:

1) My great-grandmother’s abundant chest, even though she was under 5 feet tall, and how amazing it felt to be hugged by her.

2) The way my mom’s hand felt stroking my hair in comfort.

3) The unselfconscious laughter of my children.

Simply writing those last memories brought tears to my eyes. What about you? Anything you’re willing to let go, and items you want to keep forever?

The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf: A Threesome Wedding Adventure

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  1. Great list, I actually forgot about Cherry Pie until I stopped by. :) And your book sounds very intriguing.

  2. Wonderful list. I think no matter what I want to remember it all. Each thing makes you grow and learn.

  3. Thanks Cherie! I wanted to link to the video on YouTube, and when I looked it up last week it was "free." This week, you need to be part of some music club. Errr.

    I totally understand, Savannah! Even though I thought of it, I didn't include any "rejections!"

  4. Can I forget the words to Freebird & Purple Rain now? I don't think I need them anymore. And double yes to the unselfconscious laughter of kids. Monkey Boy's laugh gets me every time. That deep-throated, guttural belly laugh. Precious!

  5. Beth -- I told hubby your comment, and he immediately started to sing, "Free Bird," and now I can't get "Purple Rain" out of my head. Yeah: thanks for that!