Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wicked Ways with @Cassandra_Carr, a Vampire, a Witch & a Werewolf

Sometimes writers get together and do quirky things. Some may see it as another form of promotion, but in all seriousness -- from my standpoint -- it also helps to break free from this isolated activity. Most creativity takes place within our heads, and the writing itself is done while we're secreted away. That's why offices are often referred to as "writing caves." We hibernate. Alone.

Outlets such as Twitter and Facebook provide a glimpse out into the world -- where others understand what our process is like, juggling a regular job, family life and writing on top of it all.

Recently, Cassandra Carr and I broke free, and let down that barrier between fiction and reality. I interviewed Conner and Brady from her new release, Impact, and she sat down and grilled Lawrence, Lily & Trevor from The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf. Gain a little insight into these characters, and maybe the minds of their creators.

Exclusively on the Day Dreaming Blog -- Thanks Dawn!

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