Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A hero with a “rough edge.” Debut author Erin Pryor shares Pillars in Time

Today, I’m hosting a special friend and fellow OCC/RWA member, debut author Erin Pryor with her sweet paranormal romance Pillars in Time. Not only did I read some of Erin’s book in its early stages – and I wanted so much more, I also invited Heather Bennett from Decadent Publishing to the 30th OCC Birthday Bash, where Erin eventually pitched and sold the novel. In other words, I so have a vested interest. Please give Erin some love … she’s here today introducing the hero from Pillars, Nicholas 

Erin will be giving away one electronic copy of Pillars in Time to a commenter. So remember to leave your email address!

Nicholas Kincaid. How to sum him up in just a few short paragraphs? It’s like trying to draw a perfectly straight line without a ruler. He isn’t a man that could fit in any stereotypical box. He is perfect in all the right places, with a slight rough edge. Simply put, he is every woman’s dream.

As corny as it may sound, I drew my inspiration from my husband, added a Scottish brogue, and discovered Nicholas. He’s a man’s man, but not one to ignore the needs of women, especially his woman. When he loves, he loves with all his heart.

When developing him as a character, I took traits that I believe every woman looks for in a man. Someone who is strong, who is a great leader, and is attentive to the needs of others in a way that doesn’t diminish his masculinity, but enhances it. I searched high and low throughout the internet, sifting through pictures of men, trying to “find” Nicholas.

It didn’t take long before I stumbled upon a photo of Henry Cavill. I envisioned him with slightly longer hair and knew he was my Nicholas. Sure, he is a handsome face to look upon, but it’s his eyes that made me decide that he was the one. Add to it that there are two of them (Nicholas has a twin brother), and things only get better.

So, if you’re looking for a handsome, strong, passionate man, you need to look no further. Nicholas is the man of every woman’s fantasies. Pick up a copy of Pillars in Time and discover Nicholas for yourself.

Pillars in Time

Determination is Cadence Hamilton’s middle name. She sets her sights on a lofty goal in a man’s profession: to be the most sought after architect on the West Coast. When she hears of the chance to draft the renovation of a 14th Century Scottish castle, she jumps at her dream job…never expecting to be whisked away to the century itself.

Nicholas Kincaid, sole heir to Dunmaben castle, is in a horrible predicament: marry or forfeit his lands. But the woman who visits his dreams keeps him from falling into wedded bliss. With the clock ticking, he follows duty to marry to avoid losing his beloved home and will do whatever it takes to ensure the security and safety for all, both in and outside of his walls. Except the woman, who beholds secrets he seeks, becomes his distraction….

Neither Nicholas nor Cadence anticipates the threats close to home, or the lives that will be lost in the process. As their relationship is tested and unknown enemies revealed, will their love conquer all? Even the boundary of time?

Available via Decadent Publishing and other Online retailers.

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  1. Erin, So thrilled to have you here. So how have you been celebrating?

  2. To be honest, it has all been surreal. It's crazy to watch my numbers on Amazon as people buy my books. Today I went from being ranked 91k on Amazon UK to being ranked 16k, and #28 out of the top 100 in the Time Travel genre. As silly as it sounds, I'm going to Disneyland with the family this weekend to celebrate. Yay!

  3. Erin, congratulations on your release. This sounds good, and I do love a handsome Scotsman with a brogue. :)

    Enjoy Disneyland this weekend. Should be fun.

    Linda Mac aka Lyndi Lamont

  4. Linda,

    Thanks so much for dropping in for a visit. I know St. Patrick's Day is coming up, but I'll "make due" with a Scotsman!

  5. Congrats Erin. It sounds very interesting. I have been on my historical and regency kick since the beginning of the year. I'll have to addto my TBR list.

  6. Erin, your book sounds like a heap of fun! I've always loved time travel romance. Good luck with your first book!!!!!

    Karen {karalennox [at] yahoo.com

  7. Gosh I love Scottish men this is right up my alley! And you couldn't be satisfied with one steamy Scotsman you need an identical one?! Go you! Can't wait to read it. winterose246@gmail.com