Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sexy Summer School #MySexySaturday

Welcome to this week's #MySexySaturday. This week, I'm celebrating a new release -- the series starter Summer School. The ultra-hot short kicks off the Sex University series.

This week's theme is That Sexy Time of Day.

“Ah, che bella,” Lucy said. “How could I have chosen someone better than you, and that gorgeous Roman ass?”
“You can call me beautiful as much as you like, in many different languages,” Toni said. “Hopefully this means I’ll get the job.”
“We’ll have to see how you hold up first,” Lucy replied. From the clever interaction so far, though, Lucy figured she’d enjoy having the art teacher around. Too bad she would probably be hired for the other campus.
Beneath her palm, Toni’s ass felt smooth. She glided her fingertips over the silky skin, knowingly sending shivers of sensation through both of their bodies. She preferred to draw out the anticipation, not letting the subject know when the spanking would start.
With each traverse of the circle, starting at one hip, dipping down around the most delicious bottom curve, over to the other side, and back up again, Toni relaxed her muscles, falling into the gentle tactical rhythm. Lucy soothed, playing her potential employee well. She enjoyed demonstrating such an interaction, building a connection of trust.
“That’s it,” she coaxed, “lose yourself in touch. Let your body come alive.” She stopped, holding her hand above Toni’s ass, and watched the woman clench her butt cheeks again.
Smack. Smack. “Didn’t I say relax”

* ~ * ~ *

Summer School – Series Starter
A Short Story from Sex University

By Louisa Bacio

Ms. Lucy dreams of starting a sex school in San Francisco, the City of Love.  After interviewing some promising candidates, including Antoinella De Luca, an artist who integrates her tools into playtime, and twin blond surfer hotties, Blaine and Wayne, Lucy launches a soft opening, Summer School.

One of the first students to join, Willow, comes seeking to explore new experiences. When paired with Ted, who she feels is way out of her league, it’s a game of give or give.

Lucy likes it when the shy ones pair up with those with more confidence. And so do we!

Only .99 cents

Available via Amazon, ARe, RAB and other eRetailers.

Louisa Bacio

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