Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Show Your Joe Commercial

Ready to get in the holiday spirit? Looking for a little jingle in your bells? Ah, I’ve got quite the commercial to put you in the … mood.

Credit my 6-year-old daughter for calling this one to my attention while watching a Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel. After getting over my initial shock, I had to rewind it and watch it, again.

I promise, “Jingle Bells” will be going through your mind, and you’ll probably have to view it more than once:

 Seasons greetings!

Update: Guess the commercial is garnering a bit of controversy. Here's a link to a Yahoo story on the issue.

Kmart Offends and Delights with Controversial Underwear Ad

 Louisa Bacio


** And a special thank you to Tara Lain, for the idea of highlighting funny videos!


  1. Replies
    1. Funny, wasn't it? And I guess quite controversial!

  2. I think it is funny and amusing. Not sure why this is controversial but it's perfectly okay for some hot woman in a bikini to imply oral sex while eating a Carl's Jr. hamburger. Is the controversy that men are being treated as sex objects rather than a woman? Would there be a controversy if it were women?

    1. My oldest daughter thinks those Carl's Jr. ads are "obscene!" She hates them.