Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review: A Paranormal Prize

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A romantic Irish countryside retreat with mysterious historical lore, immediately upon starting Katalina Leon’s tale Lord Griffin’s Prize, I became swept up. Maeve de’Burgo very much wants to escape reality while on vacation. What she gets is a mixture of fantasy fused with realism. Leon spins a fantastic lust-fueled story filled with time travel and paranormal elements.

As Maeve checks into Tullamore, the owner sets the stage for the mystery to unfold. She explains some guests experiencing bizarre happenings, even time travel, in the lift.

“A few bold souls have even claimed to encounter entities haunting the lift that encouraged them to engage in…” She hesitated. “How should I say this? Amorous behavior.”

From that moment, readers know they’re out for a wild ride, where anything may happen. Leon infuses the tale with well-crafted details and imagery that easily draws the reader in.

Perhaps a griffin shifter isn’t the most traditional romance hero. When it’s a warrior as driven as Ronan, who’s determined to reclaim his soul mate after centuries apart, it becomes an alluring creature.

For those who may not picture a griffin, Leon offers this description: “It’s a handsome creature with the head and wings of an eagle and the robust body of a lion.” The tie-ins continue as the bed’s drapery resembles the wings of the griffin.

Maeve encounters Ronan in dreams, in days as a professor helping in her genealogy search and a mixture of the two that leave her wondering what’s reality. The interaction between the two sparks chemistry right away, but again it’s Leon’s descriptions that brings out the true magic.

In some areas, I was left feeling a sense of nostalgia, and desire to book an Irish adventure. Leon is a new-to-me author, and I’ll definitely be reading more.

Lord Griffin’s Prize
Katalina Leon

Part of the Emerald Isles Fantasies series

Tullamore Castle Ireland is an enchanted place where the unexpected happens. Phantom lovers
materialize in haunted beds and a lonely griffin patrols the ramparts waiting to reclaim its mate. And that’s just the beginning.

For the adventure of a lifetime Maeve de’Burgo visits Tullamore to study genealogy. Through a magical act and time travel she becomes embroiled in a dangerous medieval romance and the unfinished life of her ancestor. Maeve gets thrown back in time to be captured, ravished and cherished as a war chief’s prize.

Ronan O’Griofa is a griffin-shifter, the most loyal of creatures. He’s been trapped in limbo as the avenging guardian of Tullamore since 1332 AD and longs to be free. When the soul of his wife returns to the castle he’s granted the privilege of becoming a man for one day to be her lover, win her heart and remind Maeve of a bond strong enough to last an eternity.  

About the Author
Katalina Leon

I’m an artist, an author, mother and wife. I write for Ellora’s Cave, Loose Id Publishing and a couple new publishers to be announced soon. I try to bring a touch of the mystical and a big sense of adventure to everything I write because I believe there’s a bold, kick-ass heroine inside all of us who wants to take a wild ride with a strong worthy hero.

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