Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Shot of Love

The anthology A Shot of Love features four stories of love, inspired by Cupid. Common mythology creates an image of a cherub flying around, and shooting love darts with his bow and arrows, but these four authors take the kernel to different levels. Following you’ll find a glimpse into the inspiration of each tale, and their imagination.

G.E. Stills
“Cupid’s Decision”

Most of my stories involve action. My female characters are usually outspoken and tough as nails. I'd never written a cupid story before or one about a woman who has withdrawn into herself because of past hurt. Challenge accepted. I hope readers enjoy the departure from my norm in the story I've written. 

Stella has been hurt in the past and has no interest in having a relationship or even a friend. Her new supervisor, Karl, is secretly a cupid and she is his assignment. He must find her a love interest and bring them together and in a short time. This won't be easy.   

She comes to her sales job each day and pays little attention to her appearance. She wears baggy clothes, has disheveled hair and never applies makeup. From the start Stella doesn't like him because he is a man and because he is filling the supervisor position she wanted. "Mission impossible," he terms his assignment. 

DJ Shaw
“Cupids are Girls, Too”

Inspiration is all around you, if you take the time to sit still. It only takes a few minutes. A picture, a song or even a television show that catches your attention can be used as inspiration. For "Cupids are Girls, too" I took the basis of the Coop story from Charmed and reversed it as well as adding in a few of my own personality traits :-)

The only female cupid in 200 years is forced to make her own decision on love, but an unexpected option on her first assignment makes it for her. Her first assignment on Earth in fifty years leads Eira to discoveries she may not be ready to handle.

Jasper never knew his father and no longer believed in love, until he met Eira and his life was turned upside down

Solera Winters
“Love Without Boundaries”

The inspiration for “Love Without Boundaries” came from the initial call for cupid stories. Since I didn't want to go with the traditional Greco-Roman myth of Eros, I searched for another love god who might inspire a story and I found it in the myth of the Hindu gods Kamadeva and Rati (who I renamed) Maya. Kamadeva is very similar to Cupid complete with bow and arrow. While some of the story is based on the original myth, I took a lot of artistic license in creating both Kama and Maya's story. I wondered what it would be like for the goddess of carnal love and desire to be unable to touch her beloved. This is her story.

In this retelling of a Hindu myth, Maya, the goddess of carnal desire struggles with living without her husband's body. Only his spirit hovers near and she must face her deepest fears if they have a chance to be reunited.

Mark Davis
“Top-End Connection”

A Visual Inspiration

Litchfield National Park in Northern Territory Australia

Being in the right place at the right time introduces Russ to a lovely lady, Sarina. After she missed her tour bus, he is able to come to her aid as he is heading in the same direction. Sarina’s set out on an adventure of a lifetime, in hopes of moving on with her life.

They make their way toward to world-renowned Litchfield National Park in Australia's Top End on a fun-filled day visiting the park’s attractions. While swimming at a beautiful waterfall, they discover another type of attraction, to each other. After spending an evening together, Russ and Sarina find it hard to say goodbye. Even though her departure cannot be delayed, Russ is certain it will not be the end.

A Shot of Love – An Anthology Romance Inspired by Cupid is available via Amazon


  1. Great post Louisa. You did a fantastic job editing this anthology. It was a pleasure working with you.
    Gary/G.E. Stills

  2. Nice work on the blog for A Shot of Love - it's beautiful.

  3. Gary -- Lovely to work with you, and hopefully we'll be able to again!

    Nightreader and Mary -- Thanks so much. I liked how it turned out!