Saturday, August 4, 2012

New Vampire Erotic Short "Bed of the Dead"

Now Available: "Bed of the Dead"

Some vampires are not the idealized/soft versions we see in portrayed in Twilight. Some are evil, and don't know their own strength. We're celebrating the launch of a new steamy erotic publisher Hot Ink Press

Words That Melt Pages

Featuring my new vampire erotic short story "Bed of the Dead." Warning for regular readers -- it's much darker, but also very fun.  

When Chloe places an Online ad for some kinky sex, she doesn’t expect to hook up with a vampire coven. But sleeping in the bed of the dead isn’t all she expected. Instead of a cold lay, she craves some warm flesh. Fortunately, gorgeous surfer-boy Seth is more than willing to share his humanity.

Available now via Amazon for .99 cents! And while you're there ... please like and tag!


  1. Love this!! Bought it and will review it when I get to it!!

  2. Whoo-hoo! It's a fun dark erotic. I just added it to Goodreads, too, so it's there now!