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Dealing with Bisexuality in a Marriage

Today, I welcome a very special guest, Shay MacLean. Shay is one of my writers. We met via Savvy Authors, and she submitted a sweet romantic tale Shooting Stars for the Tramp Stamp line at Keith Publications. Wait until you see how far she’s come with Falling Star! From a novella with nary a full sex scene, to a 60,000+ word well-rounded ménage. Oh, baby, Hopefully, you’ll fall in love with Willa, Schy and Kee as much as I did.

Shay will be giving away a bundled package of Shooting Stars and Falling Star to one commenter. Contest ends on Friday, May 18, at midnight EST.

By Shay MacLean

The definition of bisexuality according to Dictionary.com is a person sexually responsive to both sexes;  ambisexual. While it can be as simple as being sexually attracted to people of both sexes, I think the reality of it is more complex for most people. The response can be emotional and romantic attraction as well. So what happens when you’ve lived with the belief that you’re married to someone only to have them reveal to you they’re attracted both sexes?

In some cases, they may have had relationships with members of the same sex in the past and have come to the realization that they want to pursue a relationship outside of your marriage to fill a need within themselves. Occasionally, though it can be a revelation about themselves they didn’t realize until later in life. How do you handle a situation where your significant other comes to you and lays their soul bare hoping that you’ll understand and accept this as a part of them?

I believe the logical first step is to realize they aren’t saying they want to leave, but for you to accept them for who they are. With the knowledge that they are also trying to explain they feel they are able to love more than one person at a time. Just because they have come out as bisexual doesn’t mean your relationship is going to end. It merely means there needs to be some more open and honest communication in your marriage then there is in most in this day and age.

In Falling Star, Willa is a member of the former group I mentioned. She knew Schy had been in a relationship with a man before they met, but she still has to come to terms with her husband’s sexuality. She goes through just about every possible emotion you can imagine trying to understand what Schy finds appealing about being with a man and that he also might love another as much as he loves her.

I hope that in reading Falling Star you’ll open your mind and heart if you haven’t already to learn more about bisexuality. Even more so, I hope you will come to understand how bisexuality wouldn’t necessarily mean the end of your marriage (if it happens to you), but the beginning of a new chapter with lots of options to explore.

So what would you say if your significant other came to you and said they had realized they were bisexual?

Falling Star Blurb:
Willa Brock possesses everything a woman could hope for – great friends, a rewarding career and a loving husband – until her world begins to crumble. Almost overnight, she doubts her abilities as a doctor and must battle some inner demons she thought she’d laid to rest.

Although head over heels for his wife, Schyler still harbors a desire to be with men. When Willa confesses an attraction to the hot male nurse, Keenan, Schy goes out of his way to befriend him, hoping to satisfy his desires and ignite new ones with his wife. But he may not be able to convince Willa that loving Keenan won’t change how he feels about her.

Playing the role of odd-man out, Keenan needs to carve a place for himself with the two people he wants most; otherwise, he risks losing everything.

Just when it seems like the sky is falling they must close their eyes and wish upon a star…and embrace the possibility that combining three hearts will strengthen the love each holds for the other…

Chapter 1
The snick of the bolt sliding into place echoed though the locker room as Willa scrambled to finish pulling on her T-shirt. Not now. I need to be alone. She didn’t want to talk to anyone. She needed to forget what happened–at least for a few moments.

"Where are you headed?" a masculine voice said.

She didn’t have to look to see who it was: Kee. His voice had haunted her dreams for the past two months. And tormented her waking moments as well. He and her husband, Schy, had become almost inseparable since Kee discovered her deep dark secret: Her tramp stamp.

In the last couple of weeks, they’d both started hinting that they wanted all three of them to be more than just friends. She’d been warming up to the idea. Until her run-in with Brian, her ex-fiancé. The things he’d revealed splashed cold water on the idea with the force of a waterfall.

"Did you know that Schy was involved with a man before he met you?" He’d asked her and she’d told him that she was fully aware of it, but she’d not been prepared for what he’d asked her next. "But, did he tell you he wasn’t the one to break it off?"

She shook her head to rid it of that information. Now was not the time to examine it and what it might mean. Especially with Kee standing behind her, watching her every move. "Out of here," she said, the words coming out more terse than she meant.

"Okay. I’ll come with you."

Willa finally looked around her locker door. He stood leaning against the wall near the door. His long muscled legs crossed at the ankles, his arms crossed over his chest like he didn’t have a care in the world. "I don’t think so, Kee. I need to be alone." She pulled her purse out of the locker and shut it with a resounding bang.

Kee watched her as she slung her purse over her shoulder.

"The last thing you need is to be alone, Willa. I’m going to stick to you like glue until you get home to Schy." He moved to stand in front of the door.

Willa’s head snapped up at the tone in his voice. "I don’t need a babysitter. I can make it home all by myself. Now move out of my way. I’m not in the mood for this shit."

He straightened to his full six foot height. He would tower over her by a good five inches taller than her when she stood beside him. "No."

"Okay, I’ll just call security then and let them come in here and they can escort you out." She reached into her pocket for her cell phone.

"Schy was right. You shouldn’t be alone."

Her fingers froze on the keypad. She looked up at him. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

Kee dropped his arms to his sides and moved forward, not stopping until mere inches separated them. "It means exactly what it sounds like. I called Schy after you refused to let me go with you to talk to that kid’s parents. You’ve been acting like a robot since you had to call it in the operating room, Willa. It’s not like you to bottle everything up."

"You don’t know anything about me, Keenan. You don’t know if I ‘bottle things up’ at times or not. Now just leave me the hell alone and let me go." She stared into his eyes. They’d gone from their normal sparkling green like sun dappled leaves to a deep emerald green. She hated that she knew already that they always seemed to do that when his emotions about something were strong.

They were that color a lot whenever he was around her or Schy.

"I’m afraid I can’t do that. Schy gave me strict instructions not to let you leave here, alone." He gazed deep into her eyes before adding, "By any means necessary."

Willa felt something snap inside. Schy and Kee were both acting like she belonged to them. Oh, they didn’t realize that she saw the way they stared down every guy that looked at her whenever they went out somewhere. Or the way they always seemed to flank her as they walked through a crowded area. This was the last straw though. She could ignore the subtle stuff, but demanding that she not leave somewhere without one of them was bullshit.

She’d had enough.

She narrowed her eyes on him. "I don’t care what the hell my husband said. I’m sick and tired of the two of you acting like I’m some sort of possession that you can pass back and forth. Neither one of you has the right to tell me when I can and can’t be alone." She pushed past him, her arm brushing against his as she went. A jolt of awareness shot through her.

She pushed the feeling away. She was married. She couldn’t have feelings like that for another man.

Only for her husband.

She’d just reached the door when she felt Kee’s hand grab hold of one of her shoulders. He turned her around.

His eyes were intense, stormy and wild. He clenched his jaw as though trying to contain the emotion she saw swirling in their depths, an emotion she’d rather not contemplate at the moment. "Is that what you believe we think of you as, Willa? A possession?"

"Isn’t that what I just said? I don’t think I stuttered." She tried to pull free of his grip, but only succeeded in making him tighten it.

"That is so not how either of us sees you," he said, his voice thick and husky as though he was trying to hold back what he was feeling, but not quite succeeding.

"Really? Then tell me how it is that you see me, because from where I’m standing that’s what it looks like."

"We see a woman who’s intelligent, vibrant, commanding, and sexy as hell. And we both just want the chance to hold onto you, even if only for a moment."

Willa tried again to pull free. "That’s all good and fine, Kee, but have you forgotten that I’m married to Schy. You shouldn’t be thinking about holding me. Ever."

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  1. Thank you so much for having me here, Louisa. I'm very luck to have such a wonderful editor and friend. :)

  2. Shay -- We're getting page views. I'm starting to think that readers like the fantasy, but maybe don't want to address it within their own lives!

  3. I will admit that Lucy Felthouse via Twitter sent me here and I'm glad that she did. Great post. Your book brings up a great topic that is not often explored in menages. What happens when a married couple brings in someone else after its revealed that one of them is bisexual and how they deal with it.

    Great excerpt too. I will also tweet and FB this also post, too. :)


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Harlie. I agree it's not a topic that's usually explored, but I believe it is one that deserves attention. :)

    2. Marika,

      Love hearing how you found this article. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Great and thought provoking post. If my husband came out as bi I would be open and supportive but I have a jealous streak by nature, so would definitely be an adjustment if a third person would to be introduced - I'd want attention too. ;)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, VS. I totally understand what your saying. If it were me, I would definitely demand attention too. ;)

  5. Fascinating post. Definitely thought provoking. It's hard to say what my reaction would be :) Love the excerpt.

    1. I agree, Raelyn. It is hard to say how a person would react to news like this. It's something most people don't think about unless it happens to them and as Louisa said a lot depends on what is wanted.

  6. Raelyn,

    It's definitely a tough one, and the reaction would vary depending upon what is wanted. I know people who consider themselves bisexual, but they are in a committed relationship, so the issue of an addition doesn't come up.

  7. Late hubby was bi. If he acted upon it, he did so without saying so to me. I didn't and don't have an issue with it. My current family confirguration does not include bi-sexual men. Personal choice at this stage in my life. It depends on the people involved and the safer saner aspect to sex and HVI issues along with STDS.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I fully agree it depends on a lot of different issues. Being safe would be a huge one.

  8. What a great post. Sorry for responding so late...just saw it. I am bi and I happen to think this can work in a relationship depending on the people involved. Safe sex is always a must.


    1. Thanks, Nikki. I feel the same way. :)